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Mikhailin awards himself with 6th European title

Publicado: Sábado, 28 Abril 2012 19:04

Fuente: http://wwwMikhailin

What a day for Russia winning two gold medals. Good old Alexandr Mikhailin, aged 32, won a surprising gold medal for his nation. After 36 seconds he destroyed Barna Bor of Hungary by an athletic throw and won his sixth European title in his great career. Mikhailin is triple World Champion in the beginning of the millennium but wasn’t always lucky in the qualification for Olympic Games.

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Ivashchenko powerful her and Russia's 4th gold medal

Publicado: Sábado, 28 Abril 2012 19:01

Ivashchenko powerfulFuente:

Russian Elena Ivashchenko collected her fourth European title. In Chelyabinsk she prolonged last year’s title of Istanbul in the final against Lucija Polavder. A wel known rival, she fought the Slovenian 16 times in international matches and won her 11th encounter. This year Ivashchenko was better in the final of the EJU World Cup in Sofia as well.

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Ariel Zeevi surprises everybody with fourth European title aged 35

Publicado: Sábado, 28 Abril 2012 18:53

Ariel Zeevi surprisesFuente:

Never too old to win. Ariel Zeevi had a glancy period between 2001 and 2004 when he won three European titles. Now he is 35 but still enjoying judo and his joy flows into the tatami when he is fighting. He is still the best ever fighter for Israel and still one of the best athletes for his country carrying the flag for his country at the Olympic Games in Athens where he won a bronze medal.

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